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Adding meaning and classFind Charming Jeju Souvenirs Here and There

The pleasure of traveling is diverse, such as exploring famous restaurants, taking pictures at beautiful photo spots, and visiting tourist destinations, but perhaps the most enjoyable thing is buying souvenirs. 

It is nice to visit flea markets held all over Jeju to see a variety of small items, but it is better to visit a shop that displays all souvenirs to save time and make shopping convenient. 

Here are a variety of small shops in Jeju, from shops that sell only hand-made products made in small quantities to those that sell props that shop owners love.

Where you can meet the work of artists hiding in Jeju<Coucou Jeju>, a handmade accessory shop

There are many small shops around Jeju that can commemorate the island, but a space that only sells products actually made by the artists and in small quantities has special meanings. If you go to the flea market, you can purchase small items, but there is a downside that you can visit only when the season and time are right. “Coucou Jeju,” located in Hallim, was created in March this year with the idea that it would be nice if there was a place where artists who sell handmade items in the Jeju flea market do not have to move around and could sell items more conveniently. In the beginning, the shop was filled with products made by artists through some acquaintances, but the store is being upgraded as products of unique and talented artists are steadily displayed in the store.


Although “Coucou Jeju” is small, it is filled with props that represent each artist's workshop, making it so full that you have to take a close look at each nook and cranny. Just as an art gallery curator explains an exhibition, the shop owner explains each workshop and product and tells a variety of stories, including what kind of person the artist is so you can sense the affection for the artist and his or her work. Currently, various types of fabric bags, aprons, accessories, fabric accessories, embroidery patchwork, hand-knitted products, and wooden accessories are on display and sold here. The picturesque hut under a large tree matches the atmosphere of the shop and is great for taking pictures. 

Address: 15-5, Hallimsang-ro, Hallim-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea

Business Hours: 11:00 - 18:30 (Check Instagram)

Instagram: @coucou_jeju

A picture drawn together by a graduate of art schoolFull of Posters with a Unique Atmosphere, <Gyo Ziphap>

A hot shop that opened this September on Lee Joong-seop Street in Jungmun, Seogwipo. It was opened by two college colleagues who majored in visual design on art streets with many prop shops and workshops, and it is a shop that also serves as an exhibition hall for artists. They changed their original long-term plan to open a shop after using it as a workroom and just opened the shop and workroom together. The name “Gyo Ziphap” (mathematical term for “intersection” in English) was born with the idea that it would be good to work with each other in the artistic sense that they have in common while maintaining their originality. Each of them works separately, but they start producing products only after they exchange ideas, and when both artists agree on it. Therefore, although the two artists' paintings are very different styles, they are similar in some ways, and the ideas and feelings are fresh, just like the work of a young artist in their twenties.


When you enter through the wide entrance space, there is a media room where video footage of the production process is shown, and design props are displayed inside. There are posters expressing the feeling of light in a slightly opened tangerine box, a picture of camellia flowers and a forest, and an American pin-up girl-style haenyeo poster drawn by an artist whose hometown is Seogwipo. All posters, postcards, fabrics, cups, etc., displayed and sold here are made with illustrations drawn by hand. 

Address: 32, Taepyeong-ro 371beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea

Phone Number: 0507-1324-5855

Business Hours: 11:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)

Instagram: @gyo_ziphap_

A space for tulip enthusiastsOnly What the Owner Likes, <Like It Shop>
내가 좋아해

What would it feel like to be in a small shop full of things I like? I Like It, located in Jocheon, is a collection shop that collects only the accessories that the shop owner likes. The texture of the products here is similar because it is a space full of things the owner likes and filled with small items that contain the taste of the owner. It's more like a multi-shop than a department store. It was made with the idea that people with the same taste would come and enjoy it together.

The owner, who majored in interior architecture, settled in Jocheon, a quiet seaside town, and renovated a small old house to create a shop. Thanks to the removal of the ceiling and the raised height, the open feeling is cool, and they efficiently divided the small spaces and products are placed in various places. The light enters the small and charming space and gives a comfortable feeling.

내가 좋아해
내가 좋아해
내가 좋아해
내가 좋아해

Thanks to the taste of a tulip-loving shop owner, including bouquets made of tulips, there are various products made using tulips. Character dolls, living props, cups, and stationery are on sale, and mobile and fabric bags using mother-of-pearl are products made by the owner. In addition, various items related to Jeju are sold here, and picnic sets are also available for rental. You can order coffee or simple drinks for takeout. 

Address: 36, Sinchon 9-gil, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea

Phone Number: 064-900-0412

Business Hours: 13:00 - 18:00 (Irregular holidays, check Instagram)


Slowly and with warmthLifestyle brand prop shop <Far and East>

It is a prop shop of the handmade lifestyle brand “Far and East.” The representative who used to run a small shop in Hongdae came to Jeju and created a brand called Far and East. It is now operated together with a furniture shop. The name “Far and East” was born because the meaning far and east was in line with the feeling of a store located in Gujwa, Jeju. Various styles of small items such as interior accessories, candle holders, accessories, fabric, rugs, dishes, and kitchen accessories are on display and sold in the prop shop, all of which are planned here. It is evident from the long history of operating a small shop that they have worked hard to make good products with their long-standing know-hows and personal connections.


What Far and East is pursuing is to make warm objects that are touched by human hands using the texture of handmade products. It is a dignified persistence that Far and East will only sell hand-made products that are made with a great amount of time and effort by people with good dexterity. In particular, fabric products show a unique style by adding Jeju's sensibility and ideas to the work of hand-crafted Indians. 

The furniture shop is operated in the immediate vicinity, separating the space and selling furniture originally imported from India. However, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, the furniture shop now sells its own interior props and other artists' works in the form of pop-up stores. 

Address: 2263, Jungsangandong-ro, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea

Phone Number: 064-782-1370

Business Hours: 11:00 - 17:00 (no holidays)

Instagram: @farandest

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