Enjoy a unique camping experience in Fantastic Jeju! Top 5 Jeju beach camping sites

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Enjoy a unique camping experience in Fantastic Jeju!Top 5 Jeju beach camping sites

Jeju is famous for its beautiful sea. Spend the night in a place that’s too good to pass by. The blue horizon, the water that changes color as time passes, the sunset that falls over the sea, and the rising sun… Enjoy the Jeju sea and experience all its wonders for yourself. Stepping outside the tent, your trip to the glorious sea and a pure, white sandy beach unfolds. Camping is another way to enjoy Jeju.

Mecca of Jeju Local CampingGimnyeong Beach camping site
김녕해수욕장야영장 1

The Gimnyeong Beach camping site is most visited place of its kind in Jeju. Even before the campsite was built, it was known for its beauty among campers and backpackers. There is a scenic beach right next to it, but the campsite has its own charming ocean. The unobstructed view and vast wild grass have also been a source of pride for this site for a long time.

Most campsites along the coast of Jeju Island are not divided into blocks except in places where decks are installed. Campers enjoy camping in their own style, regardless of their tent size. Various types of campers such as families, couples, or people traveling alone enjoy camping here. Each camper’s concept is also very diverse?some immerse themselves in reading, others do yoga. Surfing, yachting, and riding are also some of the more popular activities. These days, even campers on motorcycles visit this site.

Jeju Olle course no. 20 runs through between the sea and the campsite, connecting all the way from Gimnyeong Port to Hado-ri Haenyeo House. Many backpackers walk along this beautiful trail after a day at the campsite. The beach spreading out in front of the campsite is one of the most popular wedding picture backgrounds. By dusk, many prospective couples visit this place and take pictures of happy moments with the breathtaking sunset in the background.

The campsite is usually free facility, but it will be operated at a fee during bathing season. All users are requested to maintain good manners in order to keep the public facility clean. In this way, the beautiful nature of Gimnyeong Beach has been preserved.

김녕해수욕장야영장 3
김녕해수욕장야영장 5
김녕해수욕장야영장 7
김녕해수욕장야영장 8
김녕해수욕장야영장 10

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The little island beside UdoBiyangdo Yeonpyeong-ri campsite
비양도연평리야영지 5

There are two Biyangdo islands in Jeju Island: Biyangdo island across from Hyeopjae Beach, and the tiny desert island that is connected with the northeastern shore of Udo. In particular, the Biyangdo connected to Udo is known as a must-see place among Korean campers.  Almost every camper carrying a big backpack that arrives at Jeju Airport plans to visit Biyangdo.  There’s no need to worry about the 120m distance between Biyangdo and the main island. The bridge between the two islands ensures easy access to your destination.

The nickname “an island beside the island” adds to the cozy, tranquil image of Biyangdo. This peaceful atmosphere gives even more reason for many visitors to make some memories on the watchtower and enjoy the taste of seafood at Haenyeo House. In the evening when visitors have left, quiet tranquility comes to Biyangdo, which was filled with the bustle of tourists during the day. And then, campers who stay for the night relax on the grass and enjoy the magic of Biyangdo. The tide coming and going at the shore, the gentle ocean breeze and random-looking black basalt, the clear autumn sky and the dark blue clouds gathering from the other side of the horizon... and the evening stars lighting the sky. Soon lanterns will light up every tent and the darkness of the night?the nocturnal festival at this tiny, peaceful island has started.

Biyangdo is where the sun rises first in Jeju. When the lights from the fishing boats at the horizon disappear one by one, the sky turns rosy red, revealing bright rays from the big, red sun. This scene can be seen from anywhere in Biyangdo, whether you look at the watchtower from your tent or from the watchtower to the lighthouse at the end of the island. This beautiful island, offering the best scenery of Jeju’s autumn, has also been feature on the TV show program <Hyori’s Homestay> as the Mecca of backpacking.

비양도연평리야영지 2
비양도연평리야영지 4
비양도연평리야영지 6
비양도연평리야영지 8
비양도연평리야영지 10


Address: 3, Yeonpyeong-ri, Udo-myeon, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Contact: 064-728-4323
Open all year round
Fee: Free

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Where the sea meets the spring waterHwasun-ri golden sand camping site
화순리금모래캠핑장 8

Located between Yongmeori Beach and Sanbangsan Mountain, the Hwasun-ri golden sand camping site is home to breathtaking nature and a view of Hyeongjeseom Island, Marado Island, and even Songaksan Mountain. Nowadays the sea has penetrated into the land due to the Hwasun seawall and the recently completed coastal guard dock. This has led to obstructions hinder the view and deterioration of the overall landscape. In spite of this, 38,000 visitors visited the site during 2019 summer bathing season alone. They spend time at the freshwater pool built on the spot where spring water rises from beneath the earth, the stone tables and chairs set up along the freshwater stream, as well as the camp site on the sand bank. The freshwater pool with the water slide is free for anyone, so visitors can relax and enjoy swimming in sea water and fresh water at the same time.

The Hwasun-ri golden sand camp site also has a sandy beach where anyone is allowed to camp, as well as 3 distinctive blocks.  First, there are 7 decks, sinks and bathrooms installed near the parking lot. Most vacationers who stay for a short time, as well as camping cars and caravans, stay here. Across the freshwater stream that flows through the camp site, there are 10 additional decks that are mostly occupied by  backpackers and campers who are staying overnight. The decks are available for a fee during the summer bathing season and offer electricity during this time. The site has almost no shadowed parts, so it is recommended that campers visit in Spring or Autumn instead of Summer.

This camping site is also the start of the Jeju Olle course no. 10, which includes a 17.5 km long intermediate-level trail passing Sanbangsan Bodeok Temple, Sagye Port, fossil site, and Songaksan Mountain to Moseulpo Harbor. The Ecology Trail A is near the camp site, too. Following this route, visitors can walk by Sanbangsan Mountain and Yongmeori Beach, and explore Jeju’s ecology spanning 800,000 years.

화순리금모래캠핑장 1
화순리금모래캠핑장 2
화순리금모래캠핑장 5
화순리금모래캠핑장 7
화순리금모래캠핑장 10


Address: 776-8, Hwasun-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Contact: 064-794-9008
Open all year round
Fee: There is a fee for the decks during the bathing season. Otherwise, it’s free.

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The right choice for the best trip experience everHamo Beach camp site
하모해변야영장 2

1.2 km south from Moseulpo Harbor lies Hamo Beach. In the past, it was called “Moseulpo Beach” or “Melke Beach” since it was a great place for catching  anchovies. Nowadays, the sand from the shore has disappeared, leading to the rise of water levels and exposure of bedrock. Swimming has been banned altogether. However, in contrast to the beach, the camp site at the pine forest beneath the coast has become a famous camping spot in the southwest of Jeju. 10 well-maintained, cozy decks are installed above the ground with some space in between them, ensuring a weather-proof camping environment.  The pleasant air from the pine trees and the view to the ocean from the decks add to the enjoyment for the campers who stay. Instead of swimming in the sea, visitors can enjoy swimming at the Moseulpo Hamo sea water pool during the summer bathing season. This free pool is located at the entrance of Marado Passenger Terminal, which lies at the end of the beach.

Besides the convenient access and beautiful nature, the Hamo Beach camp site also offers numerous tourist attractions nearby. Explore Gapado Island or Marado Island on the first day, followed by a visit to Olle course no. 10 the next day. After Altteureu Airfield and Seotal oreum (a historic site of the Jeju 4.3 Massacre), you’ll find the trail to Songaksan Mountain. See and explore the history and nature of Jeju while walking around the mountain and returning to the camp site. Don’t forget to check the Moseulpo 5-day Market held on the 1st and 6th of each month. It is a huge exhibition of all the fish caught in the Jeju sea. Indulge in a fish-shopping haul for yourself and your loved ones! At the end of the day, enjoy a delicious meal at Daejeong, a place with a variety of local restaurants, and spend time relaxing and admiring the sunset at Hamo Beach.

하모해변야영장 3
하모해변야영장 4
하모해변야영장 6
하모해변야영장 7
하모해변야영장 10


Address: Hamo-ri, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Contact: 064-760-4011
Open all year round. Use at your discretion.
Fee: Free

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The whisper of the turquoise ocean and pine treesHyeopjae Beach camp site
협재해수욕장야영장 2

The beauty of Hyeopjae Beach is brought out by the fantastic harmony of its turquoise ocean and the view to Biyangdo at the horizon. The black basalt at the end of the silver sand bank seems endless, and it looks as if it connects the two islands together. Watching the red glow of the setting sun at the end of the day, most visitors become reluctant to leave. Don’t miss out?try camping at Hyeojae Beach.  The true joey of a night at the cozy camping site under the lush green trees, enjoying the fresh air from the big cone pine forest beneath the shore, can’t be captured in pictures.

The Hyeopjae Beach camp site offers shelter from the hot sun in the summer, and becomes the ideal place to avoid the harsh Jeju wind in other seasons.  This camp site is equipped with basic facilities such as bathrooms and sinks. The parking lot is located right next to the site, which makes carrying over camping equipment much easier. Although there are many cafes, restaurants, and convenient stores nearby, it is very quiet within the camp site. The rather busy surroundings make it feel as if you’re found a refuge of peace and quiet in the middle of some city. In the evening, campers on the beach indulge in the sound of waves crashing at the shore and the sight of lights from Biyangdo over a cup of coffee.

More camp sites are hidden among the palm trees in Geumneung Beach, which can be accessed by a trail along the beach. Backpackers visit these camp sites for their beauty. The scenery of the sun setting behind Biyangdo, viewed from Geumneung Beach, is considered one of the most picturesque sunsets in Jeju. Don’t forget to visit Biyangdo if you are camping at the Hyeopjae Beach or Geumneung Beach camp site. The island can be accessed via passenger ships that travel back and forth 4 times a day.

협재해수욕장야영장 1
협재해수욕장야영장 3
협재해수욕장야영장 7
협재해수욕장야영장 9
협재해수욕장야영장 10


Address: 2497-1, Hyeopjae-ri, Hallim-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Contact: 064-796-1577
Open all year round
Fee: Free except in July and August (management: Hyeopjae-ri Youth Group)

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