Forest Fantasia(Jeju Art Park)

The Park, which is the largest total art park in Asia, covers an area of 430,000㎡


서귀포시 안덕면 일주서로 1836

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포레스트 판타지아

Jeju's splended natural beautiful scenery is quite beautiful in itself. But now with the meeting of art, nature and man. Jeju is an experience beyond comparison. Jeju Art Park is the Orient's premier park for culture, art and nature. The park enhances the richness of life with the feeling of man's untity with art and nature. A space for dreams and dreamers. It's truly a cultural experience. Jeju, an island shrouded in mystique; the endless spread of its clear soft southern interior, its natural rocks which art sculptures in themselves, all from there backdrop for the Jeju Art Park, 160 different artwork's by Korea's foremost sculptors cover an area over 430,000㎡ . These works of art are carefully placed in harmony with Heaven's gift of natural beauty. These art works and their potential art totally realized in the untouched natural surroundings of Jeju Art Park.

Also, at night, you can have a fantastic time, created by nature, lighting, and illumination. The well-designed garden lights, the 40-meter-long parade of super-large reindeer, and the orca and deer will lead you to a different world from daytime

포레스트 판타지아
포레스트 판타지아

Jeju Art Park is only 20 kilometers west of Seoguipo City along the coast road and 40 kilometers from Jeju City along the Pyoung hwa ro. It is located in Duksoori, Anduk-myun in seoguipo City. The Park, which is the largest total art park in Asia, covers an area of 430,000㎡

포레스트 판타지아