Utse Oreum Volcanic Cone [Nuun Oreum Volcanic Cone]

Named for Its Long Reclining Form


Pyeonghwa-ro, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

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Utse Oreum Volcanic Cone Shelter is located to the west from underneath the summit of Hallasan Mountain, and 3 connected volcanic cones can be found on Yeongsil Route, which is in the vicinity of the shelter.

These three volcanic cones are called Utse Oreum Volcanic Cone (also known as Witse Oreum Volcanic Cone) because they are somewhat higher up than the three volcanic cones (Samhyeongje Oreum Volcanic Cone) that are on 1100 Altitude.

Each of the volcanic cones of Utse Oreum Volcanic Cone has a separate name. Bulgeun Oreum Volcanic Cone shows off its red dirt from the top to the southern slope. Nuun Oreum Volcanic Cone is lying down lengthily in the middle. The small volcanic cone is known as Jokeun Oreum Volcanic Cone or Saekki Oreum Volcanic Cone, and serves as the youngest sibling.

The three volcanic cones are considered brothers, with the eldest sibling being Keun Oreum Volcanic Cone, the second son being Saet Oreum Volcanic Cone, and the youngest being Jokeun Oreum Volcanic Cone.

During the spring, when royal azalea and azalea bloom, Utse Oreum Volcanic Cone is covered in a sea of flowers, creating an awe-inspiring sight for mountain climbers. The Utse Oreum Volcanic Cone region is not just a plateau in the mountains but also a repository of alpine plants. It is home to crowberries, an endangered species that only grows in Hallasan Mountain. However, these crowberries are recently showing signs of decline.

The volcanic cone has a high habitat density of roe deer, to the point where the normally shy animals have become accustomed to people and will not run away when a traveler passes by them. Thus, it is an ideal place to observe roe deer. Norusaem Spring flows in the southern trail between Bulgeun Oreum Volcanic Cone and Nuun Oreum Volcanic Cone, and the trail is often frequented as a result.