Baekyaki Oreum Volcanic Cone

A Stairway to Heaven


1 Mt, Seongeup-ri, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea



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백약이오름은 표선면 성읍2리 입구에서 북동쪽 약 3.5km 지점에 위치하고 있다. 구좌읍 송당리와의 접경에 위치한 오름으로, 예로부터 약초가 많이 자생하고 있다고하여 백약이오름(百藥岳)이라 불리운다. 둥굴넙적한 분화구(굼부리)형태를 띠고 있으며, 안에는 층층이꽃·향유·쑥·방아풀·꿀풀·쇠무릎 등 약초가 자생하고 있다.


Baekyaki Oreum Volcanic Cone is located approximately 3.5km northeast of the entrance to Seongeup 2(i)-ri, Pyoseon-myeon. 

At the boundary with Songdang-ri, Gujwa-eup is the cone, which is the northernmost one within Pyoseon-myeon.

The cone is named Baekyaki Oreum Volcanic Cone because a variety of medicinal herbs have grown naturally here since the old days. 

It is a 40-minute drive along Dongbu Industrial Road from Jeju-si to the entrance of Seongeup Farm in Seongeup 2(i)-ri. 

Entering the farm, you will see Gae Oreum Volcanic Cone standing like a sentinel on the left. You will encounter a Sageori after passing by a manager’s office and feed storage containers, where you will turn left to walk along a straight, paved road up to the shelters for workers. 

Over the shelter is Baekyaki Oreum Volcanic Cone. 

If you go further for about half an hour along the road beside the water fountains for cows, you can reach the summit of the cone, which has a sunken crater that resembles an amphitheater. 

At the summit of the cone, you have a view of a variety of other volcanic cones standing along the top of the mountain. 

Among them are Jwabomi Oreum Volcanic Cone in the east and inclines of a dry avalanche in front of it. 

To the northeast are Donggeomi Oreum Volcanic Cone alongside Munseoki Oreum Volcanic Cone. 

To the back are the magnificent Nopeun Oreum Volcanic Cone and Abu Oreum Volcanic Cone, which opens to the north, while Min Oreum Volcanic Cone and Bichimi Volcanic Cone are to the west, Gae Oreum Volcanic Cone to the southwest, and Yeongjusan Mountain visible in the far off distance to the south.


정상에서는 트랙모양의 산정부를 따라 주변의 다양한 오름들을 조망할 수 있는데 동쪽에 좌보미와 그앞에 암설류의 언덕들, 동북쪽으로 동거미오름 그 옆으로 이어진 문석이오름, 그 뒤편에서 위용을 자랑하는 높은오름, 북쪽으로 넓게 패인 굼부리인 아부오름, 서쪽에 민오름, 비치미, 남서쪽에 개오름, 남쪽에 멀리보이는 영주산 등을 감상할 수 있다.