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    A bicycle traveler's paradise… Jeju at under 20 km/h

    See the autumn island on two wheels: Jeju by bicycle

    You’ve arrived on Jeju. You want to experience it with all your senses. So this autumn, travel by bicycle and explore every corner of Jeju. The strong breeze helps you along, giving power to both wheels. There is no reason to bring your own music on the trip. The sound of the wind and the waves will accompany you on your journey.

    Emerald ocean as your travel companion

    Jeju’s circular bike path

    How many people dream of Jeju Island’s vast expanse of coastline and beautiful ocean? To get the full experience, since 2015 you can now travel Jeju on its circular bicycle path, with the ocean always close by! The entire route is approximately 234 kilometers in length, made up of 10 course that wind their way along the coast and past all the island’s lovely beaches and cafes. The recommended time for a day’s travel by bike on Jeju (which along the coast is quite flat, you’ll be glad to hear) is between 4 and 8 hours. Experienced bicyclists can circumnavigate the entire island in 9 to 16 hours or so, but needless to say that’s not at a relaxing, travelers’ pace. Each course has a stamp station, so you can collect all 10 if you have time. You’ll then be eligible for an official certificate of completion issued at the Jeju Provincial Tourist Information Center at the airport or at Jeju Port.

    The circular bike path starts and ends at Yongduam in Jeju City. Here are some quick tips for an enjoyable and safe bike trip. First, chose to travel around the island counterclockwise. That way, you’ll be on the ocean-side of the road and there are fewer intersections and other obstacles.
    Next, plan your itinerary with plenty of time-outs for rests and photography. No sense in missing that special moment as you soldier on. So, take it slow! Third, in urban areas like Sarabong to Yongduam and to Hagwi 2-ri, and Beophwan to Jeongbang Falls, take care. Local drivers generally aren’t expecting to see bikes on or near the road.

    Course: △Yongduam ~ Darakswimteo(Approx. 21km) △Darakswimteo ~ Haegeoreum Village Park(Approx. 21km) △Haegeoreum Village Park ~ Songaksan(Approx. 35km) △Songaksan ~ Beophwanbadang(Approx. 30km) △Beophwanbadang ~ Soesokkak(Approx. 14km) △Soesokkak ~ Pyoseon Beach(Approx. 28km) △Pyoseon Beach ~ Seongsan Sunrise Peak(Approx. 22km) △Seongsan Sunrise Peak ~ Gimnyeong Seongsegi Beach(Approx. 29km) △Gimnyeong Seongsegi Beach ~ Hamdeok Seou Beach(Approx. 9km) △Hamdeok Seou Beach ~ Yongduam(Approx. 25km)

    For your bike trip, this is the place to start!

    Bicycle rental shops

    You’re going to need a good set of wheels for your trip. Of course you can bring your own bike. But if you’d rather arrive on Jeju Island with as few potential problems as possible, then perhaps traveling light and renting while here is a good option for you. Fortunately there are a great number of bike rental shops to chose from on Jeju. They are generally located conveniently around bus stops or a short taxi ride from the airport. Some will even pick you up at the airport if you’ve reserved in advance. 
    The average fee for a bike rental is 10,000 won a day, going up to as high as 30,000 won for a road or mountain bike. It’s definitely a good idea to do your homework and figure out which kind of biking you’ll be doing and bike you’ll require, and then discuss it with the staff at the rental company. You may need to get a Korean friend to help with that. If you’re biking in a large group, you’d best ask the rental shop if they can provide support vehicles / escorts to ensure you have a safe and problem-free trip. A good place to start (in Korean) is the website of the rental company Purun Bike Sharing (푸른바이크쉐어링, purunbike.modoo.at).

    List of bicycle rental shops around Jeju Airport 제주 공항 일대 자전거 대여소 리스트
    △ OK Hiking (164 Seogwang-ro / 755-1134) △ Yongduam Hiking (18 Bukseong-ro / 757-7777) △ Jeju Hiking (3 Yonghae-ro / 711-2200) △ Jeju Hiking (119-1 Yongmun-ro / 712-4400) △ Jeju Tapdong (9 Bukseong-ro / 751-2000) △ Hiking Jeju Island (283 Jungang-ro / 721-4802) △ Halla Hiking (50-1 Yongduam-ro / 712-2678)

    All you’ll need for a safe and successful journey

    Bicycle repair shops

    Rolling down the bike paths of Jeju Island are generally worry-free. But no trip is ever without complications. Of course, if you’re renting, the equipment (tires, gears, chain) will have been checked and maintained at the rental shop prior to your departure. Knowing how to change a tire or reset a chain that’s come off the gears is certainly a good idea. If your chain does come off or you sustain a tire puncture, obviously the trip is on hold until you can get it fixed. If you let the rental shop know which route you’re planning to take, they may have some advice or more information for you about repair shops you could use. Safe and problem-free trips tend to be a combination of common sense, prevention and a bit of good luck. 

    List of bicycle repair shops around the island 지역별 자전거 리페어샵 리스트

    North Jeju: Green Bike 721-3002, Jeju Pro Shop 702-8243, Hiking Jejudo 721-4802, Bicycle Tan Scenery 752-616, Alton 711-5087

    East Jeju: Hamdeok Bicycle 782-0426 (Hamdeok), Gimnyeong Motorcycle 782-5282 (Gimnyeong), Samcheonri Bicycle 783-2253 (Gujwa), Seongsan Hiking 782-0444 (Seongsan), Seongyeong Smart 787-3918

    West Jeju: Chilseong Bicycle 794-4049 (Moseulpo), Hangyeong Motorcycle 772-5104 (Hangyeong), Daemyeong Bicycle 796-3411 (Hyeopjae), Bicycle Puncture Repair 713-0834 (Hagwi)

    South Jeju, Seogwipo: Namwon Motorcycle 764-9993 (Namwon), Samcheonri Bicycle 767-2342 (Hyodon), Samcheonri Bicycle 733-3022 (Seogwipo), Olle Bike 783-2119 (Jungmun)

    Comfortable shelter for bicycles

    Veloin Coffee

    If you’re really a die-hard biking enthusiast, one who loves their coffee, too, then there’s a unique Jeju cafe called Veloin Coffee you definitely will want to check out. It’s located along the Dodu Coastal Road and welcomes all bicyclists with a conspicuous number of bikes around its entrance and its bike-related decor. It has bike repair equipment right there in the cafe and plenty of knowledgeable people to consult for your trip. 
    The cafe even offers its customers use of free bikes to explore the nearby countryside, if you so wish. Veloin Coffee has a number of branches, including the original at Dodu, a second at Jeju National University and a third branch at Chilseong with a camping and nature theme, respectively.

    Veloin Coffee Dodu branch

    Address 150 Seohaean-ro, Jeju City
    Parking No parking available
    Phone 064-712-4868

    For bike enthusiasts through and through

    Tour de Jeju Guest House

    After a long, rewarding day biking on Jeju, you’ll definitely appreciate a good night’s rest in a comfortable hotel or guest house. What might be even better is to stay at a place that’s set up specifically for bike enthusiasts and travellers. At the eastern end of Jeju Island is just such a place: the appropriately named “Tour de Jeju” Guest House.

    The couple who own and operate this guest house used to work for Web MD and have extensive knowledge of the conditions and routes for bikers here. It’s also located at the spot where Olle walking trails 1 and 21 meet, so you can always take a stroll to stretch those biker’s legs of yours. The hydrangeas in June are particularly lovely here, too. All in all, it’s a great option for bikers passing through this lovely section of eastern Jeju.

    Tour de Jeju Guest House 뚜르드 제주 게스트하우스 Click here for more information >

    Address 38-2 Jongdal-ro 1-gil, Gujwa-eup, Jeju City
    Fees Room Fee: Single room (family room) Two people 60,000 won, three people 80,000 won, four people 90,000 won / one person room 30,000 won, two person room 50,000 won, dormitory 25,000 won (one person)
    Parking Free parking available
    Phone 010-5007-5012

    < Where to get help in an emergency 비상시 도움을 얻을 수 있는 곳 >

    Jeju Provincial Tourism Promotion Division (710-3311)
    Jeju Island Tourism Association (742-8861)
    Jeju Provincial Police Agency (743-0112)
    Jeju Island Road Traffic Information (744-1708)
    Jeju City Bus Terminal (753-1153)
    Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal (711-2200)

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